3 Point Friday

Hey fit fam, back in action after a solid week of effort! Here’s what I’ve been digging:

1) What I’m Listening to: Federico Abuele radio on Pandora. This has been my go-to for years for writing and relaxing music. I don’t know many of the songs which helps me stay focused otherwise I end up singing the lyrics 🤦🏻‍♀️

2) Something I did for me: Got a massage. Now I say this like it’s a random occurrence but I’ve had a monthly massage for the past 7 years. When you work hard and put your body through grueling workouts, it’s a must. Don’t think of it as relaxing either. My muscles are tight and so are yours. They need to be worked on. Get yourself one. Coach’s orders!

3) What I’m remembering: I’ve started to end each class by reminding you to be “grateful that you are healthy enough to workout.” I ran across a lady a while ago who’s cousin lost an arm in a motorcycle accident. He will never workout the same way again. We must remember to be grateful for our bodies and take advantage of them. Sobering, yes. Reality, also yes. Instead of feeling guilty as some people might, I challenge you to honor him and yourself every time you throw on your workout clothes. Your effort can vary but freakin’ show up and get shit done.

Short version today but I love y’all!

Thanks for motivating me and each other by this group! Here’s to our fitness!!

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